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FAQ's related to blind replacement

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FAQ's Answered Here we hope to answer your questions relating to replacing your Vertical Blinds. Should the answer your looking for not be here please feel free to Contact Us.

Here at we supply made to measure, Replacement Vertical Blinds Slats and headrails. We also supply and fit Window Film Graphics and Manifestations.

  • What Slat Width? There are two standard width's used in the industry. 89mm and 127mm

  • Our Products We supply only quality made to measure Vertical Blinds which are made to measure and delivered ready to hang.

  • How are your price's calculated For slats we charge only by the individual item unlike some companies who charge by the item x length. Headrails are sold by the "UP TO" width. If your window is 2ft 11in you would purchase a headrail up to 3ft. Window Films and graphics are individually priced please Contact Us for an accurate quote.

  • Delivery This is Usually within five working days.

  • Fitting - To save you money our replacement slats come ready to hang. If you are replacing your old blinds it is very simple to hang your new blind replacements. If you order weights and chain links from us they will be pre fitted for you all you need to do is hang your Vertical Slats to your existing Headrail.

  • How can I pay? Within our store you can pay using your debit/credit card in the Pay Pal option or simply use your Pay Pal account. We will also accept a Bank transfer, Check or locally Cash.

  • Deposits If we have measured your windows for you and you wish to pay cash a 40% deposit is required prior to your vertical blind replacements being manufactured.

  • How many sets can I order? Once in our "ONLINE SHOP" you can purchase as many sets of blinds and length's of headrail as you wish. Please remember to add the LENGTH for each set of slats and the WIDTH for each headrail in "ADD LENGTH" in part 2 of checkout. If you omit / forget this info it will delay delivery as we will have to email you for measurements.

  • How many Slats do I need. If your replacing your old Blinds with new ones then simply count the old ones and order the appropriate width. For new installations as a rule of thumb you need 4 x 89mm Slats per foot / 300mm wide and 3 x 127mm Slats per foot / 300mm. You can email us your dimensions and we will work it out exactly for you.

  • Do I pay for delivery? Delivery to UK Mainland address's for Slats is FREE. For weight / chain sets and headrail the delivery charge is included in the advertised price. Other addresses' fee's may be charged, please ask prior to purchasing online.

  • How many slats do I require? There is a dedicated page to answer this question. How many slats?

  • Can old vertical blind slats be replaced? Of course. Simply remove one of your old slats, measure it and choose a colour from our shop.

  • Do you sell spares? We can supply you with replacements for not only your slats, but replacement bobble chains and weights and chains. The latter come as a set, including 1 x weight and 2 x chain links. If you have 10 x slats you will order 10 weights. This will come with 9 x pairs of chain links.
  • Questions not answered see More Info about Replacement Slats