How many replacement slats do I need?

Calculating the quantity of slats required

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A question that gets asked frequently is, "how many slats do I need?" The answer in short is really quite simple

If you already have a set of blinds installed, just count how many there are, measure the length of one of them. We have a you tube video to show you how to do this.


The width will be one of two standard fittings, 89mm or 128mm.

If you are looking to install a complete new system, there really is no need to worry about how many slats you will require, as we will calculate this for you once we have two basic measurements from you. Height and width of the opening of the window. Ideally take several measurements of the opening, as the are very rarly perfect.

But if you really do want to know, there are approx 5 x 89mm slats to a foot of width

Where measuring for a complete new vertical blind system can be a little more involved. Is measuring for blinds that fit outside of the reveal / opening. This could be for many reasons, such as a conservatory for example. Then I'd suggest that you CONTACT US for some help.

Should your new blind need to be fitted outside of the reveal on a flat wall. All you will need to do is to decide how much wider and longer than the window itself you would like it.

Should this not have answered the "how many slats do I need" question, take a look at Vertical Blinds - FAQ's or feel free to CONTACT US.

  • Can old vertical blind slats be replaced? Of course. Simply remove one of your old slats, measure it and choose a colour from our shop

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