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A 3 Point Check List for Your Windows and Doors

Whether you have modern double glazed units in uPVC frames, or whether you have older wooden and aluminium windows and door frames, what you put in the glazed areas to maintain privacy and control light levels from inside and outside the home, requires the weighing up of a number of important factors. The main factors can be arranged into a simple 3 point checklist can help you to decide whether to use, curtains or blinds.

1. Blinds and Economic Factors

For most involving household projects i.e. those that can be seen by others or involve a larger likely financial commitment, we tend to be more careful when we make decisions. Vertical blinds for example can prove to be a lot less expensive in the first instance of purchase, and over their lifetime when compared to many types of curtains. In home settings (just as in commercial settings) artificial lighting is needed where there isn’t adequate natural lighting. Vertical blinds can open much more of the window space up e.g. than curtains, so more natural light enters the room. This could have a positive benefit on the electricity bill. Savings can also be made on the cleaning and maintenance as vertical blinds because individual slats can be removed for cleaning, or can easily be replaced. Removing and washing or dry cleaning curtains can not only be expensive, but can be very inconvenient.

2. Pleasing Aesthetics

Curtains or blinds are essentially highly visible to people inside and outside of the home. There are now wide ranges of colours and fabrics available for use in vertical blinds, so the blinds you have in your home don’t have to look like the blinds you see in offices. Your vertical blinds can closely match the design of your home in a very modern and tidy way.

3. Privacy and Security

Using vertical blinds provides a fantastic degree of privacy. The vertical blind slats can be angled in such a way that you can see out with an unobstructed view – you don’t need net curtains with vertical blinds. At the same time it’s very hard to see into your home when the blinds are angled in that way. This can be very important from a both a privacy and a security perspective.

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Replacement Vertical Blind Slats

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Vertical Blind Slats / vanes

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