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Tips for the Safe use of Blinds for Parents of Small Children

At Blinds by Denise we take child safety extremely seriously. It is impossible to watch your children every second of every day, so it's important to make their home as safe as possible.
It is important that parents and carers of small children child-proof their window blinds. Free hanging cords pose serious risks of entanglement and strangulation. That is why all our complete blind systems come with a simple fitting to help solve the problem.
Our safety devices are quick to install and make your home a safer place for your children, They are also non intrusive so won’t spoil the look of your new window blinds.
Spreading awareness about the risks of free hanging blind cords is important to all at Blind's by Denise

Don’t forget that window blinds offer daytime light control and sound absorption – perfect for baby’s nap time. Not only, do blinds e.g. vertical blinds offer privacy and security from the outside world, but they also contribute positively towards energy efficiency for year-round comfort. Blinds are very durable and they offer UV protection against the sun’s damaging effects.
For more good reasons why you could happily make the switch to vertical blinds in your living room window, call 07749 593252, or contact Replacement Vertical blind slats online.

Replacement Vertical Blind Slats

For more information about choosing the right vertical blinds for you, call 07749 593252, or contact Replacement Vertical Blind Slats online.