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Chid safety - Advice for parents

Replacement Vertical Blind Slats - safety information to parents

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Tips for the Safe use of Blinds for Parents of Small Children

Parents with small children need to be cautious of the choking hazards of window blinds. As babies grow, they get more curious making basic household items, including window treatments, potential hazards. The dangling cords of blinds could pose a threat to young children and infants. As a safety precaution, there are some safety guidelines you can follow when it comes to your kids. First, for homes with young children, install only cordless, motorized or wand control window blinds. It is important to know that there are two kinds of cordless blinds, the spring loaded lift mechanism or the gear-assisted cordless option. To operate the spring roll, gently tug down the blind and then either raise or pull down. The gear-assisted Vertical Blinds have their bottom rail gently pushed or pulled up or down. For vertical blinds, by using the wand control you can either open or close (tilt) the rails for light control. The window blinds that are offered with motorized options eliminate the lift cords and allow the blind to be operated at the touch of a button.
Secondly, if the position of the window or large size of the Vertical Blinds doesn’t allow the cordless choice, use a continuous cord loop. The loop comes with a clutch-assisted lift control that is anchored to the wall. Third, parents of small infants should move all cots, beds, furniture and toys away from windows and window cords, preferably to another wall. Fourth, it is important that all window pull cords and inner lift cords are kept out of the reach of children. Parents should ensure that pull cords are short, and that the continuous-loop cords are permanently anchored to the floor or wall. Last but not least ensure cord stops are properly installed and adjusted to limit movement of inner lift cords. Lock cords into position whenever horizontal blinds or shades are lowered, including when they come to rest on a window sill. Don’t forget that window blinds offer daytime light control and sound absorption – perfect for baby’s nap time. Not only, do blinds e.g. vertical blinds offer privacy and security from the outside world, but they also contribute positively towards energy efficiency for year-round comfort. Blinds are very durable and they offer UV protection against the sun’s damaging effects.
For more good reasons why you could happily make the switch to vertical blinds in your living room window, call 07749 593252, or contact Replacement Vertical blind slats online.

Replacement Vertical Blind Slats

For more information about choosing the right vertical blinds for you, call 07749 593252, or contact Replacement Vertical Blind Slats online. See more links below to help with problems you may have in relation to Replacement Vertical Blind's

Replacement Vertical Blind Slats

  • Pricing Prices start £1.49 per 89mm slat for White and £2.60 for 127mm slat. All Other colours 89mm £2.35, 127mm £2.85 per slat ( Any drop / length to 8ft / 2438mm )

  • Delivery / Postage Costs starts @ free for orders over £25.00 or £3.00 to have your blinds sent via Parcel Force insured, see Delivery costs on our Products page. | UK 1st Class Mail

Vertical Blind Slats / vanes

So now you know how to replace your Vertical Blind Slats all you need to do is choose your colour and we will have your new Slats with you in a matter of days.

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