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Inside you can buy replacement vertical blind slats.

Before you buy your replacement vertical blinds.

You will need to enter your drop / length when ordering. This is done during checkout' on The ADD TO CART page, and is required as your slats are all individually made.

Each slat comes with its own top hanger, and the top and bottom pockets are sewn, not glued. 

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Why Replacement Vertical Blind Slats?

Our replacement slats are perfect if you are looking to refresh your décor or if you have moved into a new home and want to make quick and affordable changes.

Where can you fit Replacement Vertical Blind Slats?

Providing there is a vertical blind headrail fitted, sometimes called a track above the window they will easily clip into place. Just be sure to check the width of the replacement slats you require. The industry standard slats are 89mm and 127mm.

What can I do with replacement vertical blinds slats?

Our vertical blind slats are a great choice for people wanting to replace their tired or damaged slats. Making sure their windows are in keeping with their home décor. Or perhaps to try experimental designs. Have a browse through our products.

Vertical blinds are quick, easy, economical,  stylish and suitable for any room. Durable and effective at keeping out light, they're perfect at ensuring privacy and will last a long time if treated with care. Replacement Vertical blind slats allow owners of an existing headrail to swap and change the appearance of their windows effortlessly. 

How many replacement slats do I need?

Simply count the number of existing slats or hanger truck clips, on your existing headrail for the quantity required. Measure one of the slats itself accurately from top to bottom for your drop / length. We recommend removing the weight to get the most accurate measurement. Check your hanger type. If you do not have a top hangar, we'll mail you one to try before you buy, free. Drop us an E-mail. You can also order new weights and chains if needed.