How to use vertical blinds

Vertical blinds are a traditional way to enhance the appearance of your windows. Vertical Blinds offer a practical way to decorate your windows allowing you to have maximum control over the light entering into the room. They are practical, efficient, and have their own way of throwing the light into a room. This can keep light away from computer screens or areas where glare needs to be eliminated.

Natural light in most rooms is a pre-ordained requirement. However, the control of that light by the use of curtains, or blinds is often as necessary as the light itself.

We offer a extensive range of fabrics in many different colours. Here at Blinds by Denise, all at amazing prices. All Vertical blind slats are made in The UK so you can rest assured that all products are of the highest quality.

We offer not only the idustry standard 89mm slats, but 127 mm Replacement Blinds too. We find both to be very popular in the UK. The smaller slat doesn’t take up as much room on the window sill, while the 127 mm Blinds use less drops. Hence we supply both widths of Vertical Blind Slats. You can order using millimetres as we find this the most accurate way to meaure window blinds, but inches, feet and CM's work well too.

Vertical window blinds are fixed by many different methods therefore our Replacement blind slats are delivered with a top hanger to fit all head rails, apart from Hilaries. If you have one of their headrails, simply keep your top hangers. Or we can also supply you with a new headrail

Our made to measure vertical blinds are installed in many environments, including the Home & The Office. Should you need a custom made Vertical blind system, all are delivered with a standard white head rail. Vertical Blinds are ideal for the office. Did you know that over 80% of offices now have vertical blinds? Our Bespoke vertical blinds are also hugely popular in the home and are suitable for any room with a fabric suit. We also offer Blackout Blinds for bedrooms.

New blinds, a new look

If you wish to freshen up your home at very little expense then Blind by Denise's Vertical Blinds are what your need. We have 100's of blind slats starting from £1.49. Imagine how you can freshen up your entire home for such a small outlay. All our vertical blind to really make an amazing finish to room or even create a feature of your blinds instead of having feature wallpaper.

Colour and Ambiance

The use of different coloured blind slats

Controlling light by means of a Blind can also create a different mood in the room itself. The subtle shading that can be achieved by opening or closing the slats on a vertical blind can be quite outstanding.

Adding shade to areas of your room where the natural sunlight is particularly bright can be beneficial. You may need this shade when reading or watching TV. Leaving the rest of your room bathed in natural light.

The use of white slats in vertical blinds is by far the most popular choice for most people. This is because shades of white’s and creams are neutral and will blend in with most, if not all of your other soft furnishings. But spare a moment to think about other colours of slats that could also be used to enhance your existing furnishings.

On this page: Colour Wheel you can see an interactive colour wheel. Take a look to see the abundance of complimentary colours that you could use when decorating your rooms. By adding the colour of your blinds into this scenario you will be pleasantly surprised I’m sure.

The point to this page is to implore you not to forget your choice of colour for your blinds when re decorating the rooms in your home or office. They are after all as important as the rest of your décor and soft furnishings.