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Maintaining your vertical blinds is quite a simple affair

Once Vertical Blind fittings and brackets are installed, removing and replacing slats is a relatively easy thing to do. There may be many reasons for doing so including cleaning, a change in colours / materials and fabrics/ styles, and dealing with damaged or discoloured Vertical Slats. Removing slats from the Vertical Blind is an easy process, and often the most difficult part of the process is putting up the step ladder to enable you to reach the top of longer blinds. Vertical Blinds, thanks to their flexibility in design and construction can be installed for virtually any widows, large or small.

Whereas curtains can be expensive to have made or altered professionally, and it can take some time due to the sewing involved, this is not the case for Vertical Blinds. Since there is a degree of uniformity to the fittings, brackets and processes for constructing the Blinds, a good blind company can supply the Vertical Blinds very quickly and often at less cost than curtains. Using a vertical blind supplier essentially means that you have custom made blinds / bespoke vertical blinds, and yet it is simple to replace / alter the blinds by removing the slats

Considerations When Changing / Replacing Blind Slats

Ordering new Blind Slats from a vertical blind company is usually a quick and surprisingly inexpensive process provided you can give the necessary information. For example, you will need to be able to say what the width and height of the slats are. You may also need to give information about the type of bottom weight and the connecting chain. Obviously, if you are changing the slats you will need to choose a different fabric colour or fabric type. High quality Vertical Blind Suppliers often have a very wide range (perhaps more than 100) different fabrics to choose new slats from. These fabric ranges will often be available in many different colour ranges. In some cases, Vertical Blind Suppliers may send you samples of the fabrics and colours you are particularly interested in. This means that you can match the blind slats as closely as possible to your room colour and design theme.

Replacement Vertical Blind Slats

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