Vertical Blind Slats Replacements

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Replacement blinds and our current pricing

During the current inflation and cost of living crisis in UK, we are keeping our prices as they have been for tha last 4 years, as we did during Covid and the subsequent restrictions. Our aim is to provide quality vertical blinds and replacement blind slats at competetive prices.

At we understand that people may be struggling at the moment financially, so we are aiming to stick with our current pricing as long as we possibly can. Giving people the opportunity to make home improvements without breaking the Bank to do so.

Yes, we know there are cheaper replacenent vertical slats out there. But, ours are only made from quality fabrics that will keep their appearance for longer. Sometimes cheaper may be a false economy.

Our current pricing also includes delivery to The UK mainland, as we aim to keep our prices as low as possible. Meaning we will supply quality vertical blinds that are ready to hang at great prices.

Our selection of white and cream blind slats

Vertical blinds are the modern day alternative to curtains. They give you more control of the amount of light you allow into your room. And to some degree, control over where in the room the light falls. With the added bonus they look fantastic.

Invented in 1950 by The Bopp Brothers and patented under the name of "Sun Verticals". The idea behind the invention was to overcome the drawback of using venetian blinds, which by their nature hang horizontally, and therfore collect dust.

More recently, rather than changing the whole system, there is the avsilability to change the vertical blind slats when the originals become tired. Not only that, you can change the colour of your vertical slats as you change your decor. And your new vertical blind slats are very low maintainance.

Replacing the vertical blinds slats is an ideal way to give your room a facelift. Over time, vertical blinds are susceptible to wear and tear but here we stock a wide range of vertical blind slats or blind louvres to suit any budget. Our replacement vertical blind slats fit most popular brands. We offer you a fantastic way to renew tired, worn vertical blind slats within the home or office.

Should you be wanting to install vertical blinds from scratch, that is easy also. Drop us a line with the size of the opening, and tell us if you want blinds inside or outside the opening and we'll send you q quote. Mail

Replacement Vertical Blind Slats

For more information about choosing the right vertical blind slats for you, call 07749 593252, or contact Replacement Vertical Blind Slats online.