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Replacement vertical blind slats at competitive prices

Replacement vertical slats, supplied made to measure, ready to hang and at competitive prices.

Do you have a perfectly good working headrail and just need to renew or update the fabric slats / louvres? Then just replace the slats. The savings are incredible. Our wide range of fabrics are a great choice to ensure your window dressings are in line with your décor and give you the look you want.

Our fabric slats have sewn top and bottom pockets unlike a lot of our competitors, who use glue to form the pocket, which will eventually fail, and are made from high quality fabrics. And unlike Hillarys we use the industry standard headrails, making upgrading less expensive and less of a chore.

Should you have a non-standard headrail, you can usually work around this issue by retaining your existing top hangers and swap them into your new slats.

Further, delivery is usually timely, a matter of 5 to 7 working days from payment and FREE to UK mainland.

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Specialists for replacement blind slats?

We specialise in Replacement Vertical Blind Slats, which are also known as louvres or slats are the vertical fabric vanes which hook onto your vertical blind headrail. They are a perfect option to affordably refresh your décor.
Whether you’re moving into a new house and want to add a splash of colour or you’re needing to invest in some blackout slats for a good nights sleep. There is a wide selection to suit any taste and budget


Will the Slats fit my headrail?

Any headrail with hook runners will accommodate our Replacement Blind Slats. If you have concerns that your headrail is not compatible, ie a Hillarys headrail, then simply retain your existing top hangers. We support the industry standard width fittings of 89mm and 127mm slats, so please be sure to measure the existing width of the slat which is currently hung in your window to ensure you purchase correctly.
Just replace the slats, not the whole system. Think of the saving.

Replacement slats fabrics

Light Filtering – By angleing your slats, they will offer a good level of privacy without fully blocking out the light. Typically this can be used across any room in the home or office. Blackout Fabrics – No light can penetrate through the fabric. A great fabric choice for Bedrooms or Nurseries, they also give fantastic thermal benefits too, therefore a perfect choice to cosy up any bedroom. PVC Waterproof Fabrics – a completely waterproof option and inherently blackout because of the fabric type. A fantastic choice in any area where dust or dirt may be an issue, as the fabrics are completely wipeable with a damp cloth. PVC blinds are widely used in Kitchen’s, Bathroom’s and School’s.

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Vertical slats / vanes

All vertical replacement slats come complete with a top hanger, which is compatible with industry standard Vertical Blind systems. Should yours not be standard, then simply use your existing hangers in our slats. We can also supply Weights and Chains at an additional cost.

Our replacement slats are perfect if you are looking to refresh your décor or if you have moved into a new home and want to change the appearance. Replacements Slats are popular if you are upgrading your fabric to introduce new performance features. For example an update on your plain fabrics to blackout slats in the bedroom. You will need to contact us for personalised info in relation to this type of slat.

Choose your fabric

Choose your colours, visit our online store to select your vertical blind slats pattern or colour. Many of our slats also come in textured materials, great for homes that prize variety and individuality.

Our vertical blind slats are the best choice for individuals wanting to replace damaged slats, ensure their windows are in keeping with their home décor

When your ready to purchase your new replacement blind slats

add the required number to your shopping cart and proceed to our Checkout, top right of page adding your LENGTH / DROP where you are asked to do so.

How many slats are needed?

See the How many slats do I need page.

Simply count the number of existing slats or hanger clips, on your existing headrail for the quantity required and measure the fabric itself accurately from top to bottom for your drop, and chech the width of a slat too. We recommend removing the weight to get an accurate measurement. you can order new weights and chains as needed. The replacement vanes will simply hang onto your existing headrail.

Remember you can order as many different sets of Blinds as you wish, simply specify the drop / length for each set and your new Blind Slats will be with you in just a few days. Should you have any difficulties please try FAQ alternatively please Contact Us we'll be happy to help.

Fitting new Slats

As long as you have a vertical blind headrail fitted above the window or door, they will simply drop into place. We have a large range of colours available, so you are sure to find a shade that matches your scheme. Take your pick from elegant neutrals and sleek greys. Should you require a complete system, please get in toutch.

Replacement blinds are a quick, easy, and economical suitable for any room. Durable and effective at keeping out light, and they're perfect at ensuring privacy

Now you know how to replace your Vertical Blind slats, all you need to do is choose your colour and we will have your new blind slats with you in a matter of days.

All you need to do, is hang them up. That simplicity itself.

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Not found the slats you wanted?

Need specialist or tailor made Vertical blind slats? then Contact Us, tell us what you require and we'll get you a quote.

Chains and Weights We can supply these as a sets of 1. ( 1 weight + 2 chain links ) You can add these to your shopping cart when ordering your Vertical Slats at a cost of £0.75 including postage.

New Vertical Slats - For a new look

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Measuring your existing Blind Slats

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Made to measure blind slats

Our made to measure Replacement Vertical Blinds perfectly combine with the operation of most existing "TRACKS". We have a wide range of fabric slats that are available in 89 mm and 127 mm width's, which can be purchased from our extensive range of colours, including, White, yellow, blue, terracotta, grey, black, pink, red and chocolate. For the full range of Colours and shades visit our Replacement Blinds Shop.

All images in our store are of the actual Fabric used in our blinds.

A replacement set of custom made blind slats are often used to decorate the windows of offices as well as for home decor. These blinds come made to measure, ready to hang and fit to standard head rails and they're affordable.

Replace your existing vertical blinds and give your space a fresh new look with the help of the range of vertical blinds we offer you. They are the perfect combination between functionality and design as they come with great colours and many shades, making it easier for you to integrate them into your home or office. You can have them custom made to your measurements in the Colour and width you choose.


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Affordable Replacement Vertical Blind Slats

Replacement of old Vertical Blind Slats has never been easier or more affordable. Without needing to purchase new track, you can give your room a brand new look. There is also the added bonus that there's no additional outlay for Designers or fitters, you fit them yourself.

Replacement Window Blind Slats for your Home or Office

You can use our quality replacement slats both in the Home or in The Office. Try changing not only the Slats but the colour too for a instant individual new look.

Clean your existing blinds or Replace?

This question is asked time and time again. Before you make your choice, Some facts. In The UK the normal call out to have your Window Blinds cleaned is around £40.00 for the call out and you are usually charged by the square meter or the length and number of the individual slats. We on the other hand can Replace your vertical slats for an average window, (18 slats wide) and up to an eight foot drop for less than the call out charge of having them cleaned. We think you know what the wise choice is? Here at we specialise in ready to hang, made to measure, Replacement Vertical Blinds at affordable prices. The price of our Standard White made to measure Blind slats start from only £1.49 for 89mm wide and £2.60 for 127mm wide, this includes any DROP from 300mm to 213cm. The price for any of our nine Colours (inc all shades) of replacement slats are £2.35 per 89mm slat and £2.85 per 127mm slat. BLACKOUT BLINDS Start from £3.00 per Slat


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Replacement Vertical Blind Slats

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