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All information on this website is provided in good faith and for general information purposes only and Replacement Blinds (`we` or `us`) will use its reasonable endeavours to ensure that the said information is accurate. This website is provided on an `as is` basis without any representation or endorsement made and Replacement Blinds and its associated companies make no warranties of any kind, whether express or implied, in relation to this website including but not limited to, implied warranties of satisfactory quality, fitness for a particular purpose, compatibility, non-infringement, conditions of completeness, accuracy, security, or any implied warranty arising from your access to, use of, reliance on or otherwise of this web site. Replacement Blinds shall not be liable for any direct, incidental, consequential, indirect or punitive damages, costs, losses or liabilities whatsoever arising out of your access to, use of, reliance on or otherwise of this website. Also, we accept no liability in respect of losses or damages arising out of changes made to the content of this website by unauthorised third parties. Also, Replacement Blinds shall not be liable for any damages to, or viruses that may infect, your computer equipment or other property, by reason of your use of, access to, or downloading of any material from, this website. Some jurisdictions may not permit all or any of the limitations of warranties and damages contained in this legal notice, in which case some or all of the above exclusions may not apply to you. The material on this website shall remain at all times the property of Replacement Blinds or of their licensors respectively. You may only reproduce material and/or content of this website for your own personal non-commercial use. Unauthorised copying, reproduction, transmission, publishing, displaying, distribution, commercial exploitation, modification, hiring, lending or broadcasting of such material or content is strictly prohibited. For your convenience, we may provide links to other websites or resources. This website contains links to other websites which are hosted and maintained by third parties. We have no control over the content or security of any such website, therefore, you link to such websites at your own risk. We make no representations regarding the content of any such website and will not be liable for any loss or damage which may arise from the use of such third party websites. It remains your responsibility to insure your order for shipment to you. This can be done by selecting "INSURANCE" in categories at a cost of £3.00. Using this option insures your order at the standard "Parcel Force" *rate that is in force at the time of ordering. Free shipping does not include insurance and we can accept no responsibility for damage in transit, although all reasonable steps will be taken to deliver your order in tact. *£3 insurance premium covers orders up to £500, for orders of a higher value simply purchase more insurance.


Our Replacement Slats are made to measure from your measurements, we do not accept responsibility for ill fitting Blinds if the information you supplied was incorrect. We advise you when measuring to measure your existing slats in their entirety - Top to Bottom.


All electronic links to this web site require the consent of Replacement Blinds This notice may be amended by Replacement Blinds from time to time without notice.


Colours Every effort has been made to accurately display and represent our colour shades, however different monitors, resolutions and software you are using may cause the shade to fluctuate from our original. We do not offer refunds if you mis-order a shade or simply "do not like" the shade ordered. See "personalised goods" https://www.which.co.uk/consumer-rights/regulation/distance-selling-regulations-aAijb9Q8UT3V#the-goods-you-cant-return .



 Shipping / Cancellation Shipping to UK Mainland is free. USA* and Canadian* customers should supply a NON PO Box Address to obtain our standard shipping charges, a £20 GBP delivery charge will be made to ship to a PO Box Address. Cancellations should be made within 24 hours of ordering. Cancellations after this time may incur a charge for our materials already used in the manufacturing process. All cancellations will incur charges made by using Pay Pal, Nochex and other online payment options. Cash transfers are not subject to these charges. "Personalised Goods" - Personalised goods by their nature are unreturnable as in this instance they have been made specifically to specifications provided by you the customer and are not " OFF THE PEG " items. See http://www.out-law.com/page-430#Exceptions for a full interpretation of regulations for this type of distance selling. Each slat is supplied with a free of charge white top hanger. Returns We will accept returns if our products are not fit for purpose. Only after inspection of the returned products will your refund be made. Your refund will be the amount you paid less any commissions charged by paypal, nochex and similar payment options. Bank Transfers and check payments are unaffected. We do not accept returns for goods that "DO NOT FIT" because of the measurements you provided. We will not consider goods to be not fit for purpose if you supplied measurements incorrectly. PRIVACY Any personal information supplied will not be shared with any other parties. We will only telephone if there is some specific data missing from your order. We will only contact you by email for promotional offers if you subscribe to our newsletter. "Cancellations". Cancellations should be made within 24 hours of ordering. As we supply made to measure goods failure to cancel may result in charges incurred during the manufacture of your blinds. By agreeing to our terms and conditions you agree that work on your made to measure products can start before the end of the 7 day cooling-off period. (personalised goods) Thus giving up your right to cancel. It should also be noted that refunds via PayPal are subject to the transaction fee, this is only refundable if the order is cancelled within 24 hours of ordering. Refunds via PayPal for mis-ordering are also subject to the transaction fee and will not be refunded. *Free Shipping to USA Canada. While free shipping offers are available for UK customers, this does not apply to USA /Canada. Shipping should be purchased from our products range for the appropriate amount of Slats / blinds purchased. By agreeing to our terms and conditions of use, you also agree that you have read and understood the section relating to Returns-privacy-cancellations below. Terms and conditions of use, may be altered / amended at any time without notice.  Free Shipping When free shipping is offered it is a one-way offer only. It does not apply to returns / replacements. Replacement - Colours. We will not refund / replace any slats if after ordering (see Cancellations ) you decide you "do not like the colour" you have chosen. The colours on the site are photographs of the actual fabrics, which may be affected when you view by your monitor, its resolution and other related factors. Returns outside of EU. You will be required to pay postage for the return and subsequent re-shipping of any return / replacement slats. This will apply to all non EU customers, even when there is / was an offer of "free Shipping" pertaining to an original order. We will not return / replace any goods to you until such payment has been made and if necessary cleared. Terms and conditions of use, returns and cancellations may be altered / amended at any time without notice with immediate effect. Important note: All our slats have a retaining pocket for both top hanger & bottom weight. Sizes are: Top = 0.75 inch Bottom: 2.25 inch. You should retain your existing plastic top hangers if they are non standard. IE Hillays and others that use their own format.