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Reasons to Switch to Vertical Blinds in Your Living Room

A living room, apart from the bedroom, is the place in our homes where we often are at our most relaxed. Our living room environment is generally decorated and furnished in such a way as to make us feel ‘at home’ and very much in our comfort zone. For example, it may incorporate a particular design theme that we are interested in, it may contain lots of soft fabrics and surfaces, and it may also contain our most important ornaments, souvenirs, and items of personal and sentimental value. In this respect there is congruity between our internal beliefs, interest, attitudes, preferences and likes and dislikes, and the appearance, design and feel of our living room. Often things that are most important to us feature highly in the room e.g. a TV, stereo, travel memorabilia etc. When many of us picture a living room, we may picture curtains, but there are many very good reasons why we could switch to vertical blinds, and still maintain the factors that make us feel comfortable when we’re in our living rooms.

The wide choice of materials and fabric that blind slats can be made of means that we don’t have to compromise on one of the ‘feely’ design elements of our home. Some high quality vertical blind Suppliers offer in excess of 100 different fabrics / materials, and many different colour schemes.

Our privacy and curiosity can also be just as, if not more than adequately served by vertical blinds as opposed to curtains. Vertical blinds provide a wider scope of vision across the window (from the inside) so we can easily see what’s happening outside the home. The precise angling of the blind slats that can be achieved however not only allows us more natural light than curtains (with net curtains), but it also means that we can’t be easily observed when looking out, while it’s very difficult for people outside to see in.

If you prefer a particularly tidy living room, the uniform, ordered layout of vertical blinds, and their unobtrusive appearance can make the room look much tidier and less cluttered.

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